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Easy Wacky Holiday Sweater Craft – Kindergarten

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I am always on the look for easy but unique craft ideas. We all love our wacky holiday sweaters, or ugly Christmas sweaters. As a busy teacher, the perfect craft is easy or no prep and budget-friendly. But most important;y, it should involve one or few skills. For this simple craft all you need is a holiday sweater template and any material that can decorate the sweater. We are making a WACKY Holiday Sweater. So there is no rule. Any shiny, glittery leftover craft material is fine. My favourite thing about the craft is that children are free to paste anything they want anywhere they want. The sweater has to be wacky after all.

I always get my craft templates from Teachers Pay Teachers. They are crisp clear and good-quality clip art. I love the fact that they all come in both colour and black and white. I downloaded this holiday sweater template from Muggy Studio. And it was FREE!

Materials – Wacky Holiday Sweater

wacky holiday sweater, christmas
  • Holiday Swaeter template
  • Crayons
  • Gem stickers, buttons, glitter sheets, ribbons, foam…etc
  • Anything shiny
  • White school glue

Skills- Wacky Holiday Sweater

  • Cutting
  • Colouring
  • Gluing
  • Fine motor

Directions- Wacky Holiday Sweater

  • Print a holiday sweater template of your choice. I found mine on Teachers Pay Teacher for free.
  • Let the children colour the sweater. I like to use solid red or green. Using one colour can make the decoration of the sweater stand put.
  • Depending on the skill level of the child, you can either let the child cut it or you can cut it for them.
  • have a tray of small shiny, glittery things in small containers for the child to use. tiny beads, buttons, pom poms, ribbons, gem stickers..etc
  • Let the children pick the materials to glue and decorate their Wack Holiday Sweater.

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